Dermod Ruddock (Fine Artist) Privacy Policy
(General Data Protection Regulations)


This document is written as a commitment to you, the people who have shown interest my paintings and art work (including making purchases).


As an individual fine artist, I, Dermod Ruddock have limited data gathering requirements. My main data gathering activities relate to contacting customers and potential customers with information regarding my existing and up-coming work and exhibition plans, and for marketing my work. My contact database is made up of people who request my information or who have responded to my requests, eg leaving details on my lists in the studio or at exhibitions, or signing up for emails on my website.


I will endeavour to maintain high standards of security to protect your data and I will never share your data with third parties without your permission. To help me do this I always implement the following procedures:


  • I only hold contact information of people who indicate they want me to do so.
  • The only details I keep on computer are names, email addresses and (if you have offered it) addresses and telephone numbers.
  • If you have offered me your telephone number, and I have been in touch with you using my mobile, I will have a record of your telephone number there. If we have been in touch using SMS or another messaging service, then there will be a record of our messages.
  • I also retain paper copies of some of the above information, mainly in my contacts book.
  • None of the information which I have about you will be shared with third parties unless you expressly allow it.
  • You can request that I delete all the information held about you at any time.
  • Any email communications I send out will only be on an individual basis.
  • New contacts will be sent a welcome email and asked to confirm their subscription. Anyone can unsubscribe from emails at any time using the link at the foot of every email I send out.
  • I use SSL secured website and email server.
  • I currently do not take card payments and any online payments are made through direct bank transfers or PayPal, so I do not have your payment information. Should I take card payments in the future I will ensure secure systems and not store your details.
  • Any payments made to you will be made through similar secure systems and any details stored will be done on the bank's secure servers, not my documentation. Where you share your bank details with me, they will not be stored for any longer than needed to complete any given transaction.
  • Only I will have access to this information and I will ensure the procedures are adhered to.


Dermod Ruddock – Fine Artist

20th May 2018